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        Having financial difficulties due to COVID-19? Please 巴萨对尤文check our blog post for more info.
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        A growing DNS network, Cloudflare sees an astounding 15% of global HTTP Internet requests.


        Cloudflare provides 100% SLA and uptime guarantee with global and fast content delivery networks (CDN).


        The Internet allows businesses to serve customer in new markets like never before. Cloudflare CDN helps you reach this global audience faster than ever with 165 data centers in 75 countries around the world.

        Your website loads faster, delivering content from a Cloudflare center closest to the online user. Also, you never have to experience downtime again with the power of Cloudflare CDN.

        If your server goes down, the closest and fastest network will display a static copy of your website content. This back up system reduces load time, eliminates downtime from attacks, and ensures your site is always available to users with an immediate response.

        Global map showing CDN centers with Cloudflare statistics


        Cloudflare has over 1,000 employees and 50 security engineers endlessly deploying new technology to keep you safe from sophisticated attacks.

        巴萨对尤文Web Application Firewall巴萨对尤文 (WAF) secures your site against attacks in seconds, and continuously identifies and blocks new potential threats.

        巴萨对尤文Our Secure Web Accelerator Professional plan mets PCI compliance巴萨对尤文, so you avoid liabilities and non-compliance penalties.

        Graphic showing a guy behind a burning wall representing a firewall


        Gain valuable insight and visibility into all visitors coming to your site, even the threats. Filter and visualize data using a variety of metrics and dimensions that you can’t get from other analytics programs.

        In addition to visitor analytics, you can monitor and block threats in real-time to ensure your site security stays ahead of evolving cyber attacks.



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